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Q: At what age should I have my pet neutered?

A: The doctor recommends neutering at 5-6 months of age.

Q: Why should I have my pet neutered? Do you recommend neutering?

A: Yes, we do recommend it. Neutering the male helps control pet overpopulation. Neutering also helps prevent your pet from fighting with other males, decreases his aggressiveness, may help decrease his territorial marking behaviour, helps keep him at home, stops unwanted sexual activity, and decreases the incidence of health problems related to the reproductive organs.

Q: My dog has become aggressive and rough. Will neutering help stop that?

A: Neutering has been shown to decrease aggressiveness in dogs and make them calmer.

Q: If I neuter my cat, will he stop spraying my furniture?

A: When a cat sprays, he is exhibiting the male tendency to mark his territory with urine. Neutering decreases his male hormones and makes him much less likely to exhibit this undesirable trait.

Q: How old does my dog have to be to be used for stud?

A. Length of time it takes dogs to reach sexual maturity can vary. Generally a dog that is one and a half to two years old is ready to be used for stud.

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