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Q: My pet scratches constantly. Does it have fleas?

A: Constant scratching can be a sign of flea infestation, but it might also mean your pet has dry skin or possibly even a medical problem, such as an allergy. If the scratching continues in spite of careful flea control, we recommend a visit to the doctor to determine the cause of the itching.

Q: Can I catch ringworm from my cat/dog? And how should I cure my pet of ringworm?

A: Ringworm is not really a worm at all---it’s a fungus. It appears as a circle (“ring”) on the skin. It is contagious to humans. At the first sign of ringworm in your pet, bring it in so the doctor can prescribe medicine, shampoo, or ointment. Call your family doctor to ask how to prevent or cure the problem if you become infected.

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